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Indio City Hall and Library

City of Indio

The City of Indio has partnered with Holt Architecture to reinvigorate Indio’s existing City Hall and Library. Throughout this collaboration, city officials have communicated their desire to show constituents the long-term commitment to the city’s well-being through the prioritization of education, economy, and community engagement. The contemporary design of the new City Hall and Library serves as an anchor to that vision, a home base to direct and host community engagement. Adjacent to the new College of the Desert addition, the City Hall’s primary balcony points north to the downtown business district, which completes the triangulation of these three strategic pillars.


This project will provide the City of Festivals with a brand new 38,000-sf, 3-story City Hall and an 8,000-sf, 1-story City Library. These buildings are stitched together with a paved public plaza not to be outdone by the fresh greenbelt and a beautiful assortment of desert landscaping. The upgraded parking area will include an array of PV canopies that will provide renewable energy to the 135,000-sf lot. City officials, in lockstep with the design team, set a precedent that implements design measures, systems and products that reduce the project’s energy consumption, increase on-site energy production, and lower their overall carbon footprint. This resulted in an exciting project that represents Indio’s bright future and commitment to environmental stewardship.

Indio, CA


7,950 SF (Library)

37,722 SF (City Hall)

134,332 SF (Site)


$58.8M (estimated)

Construction Cost

In Progress


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